Common Questions

Q: Do you charge for an additional guest or extra bedrooms?

A. In most cases, we charge a flat nightly rental rate which covers all guests up to the cabin occupancy listed.  We do have a few exceptions on our larger cabins; check individual cabin page for details, or call and speak with one of our vacation planners.

Q: If our cabin has a fireplace, where do we get firewood?

A. For most cabins with wood-burning fireplaces, firewood is provided. The fireplaces do not have a gas starter so, if you are not proficient at starting a fire without one, you might want to bring small “Duraflame” type logs or “Fire Starters”. Blue Sky Cabin Rentals provides approximately 12 pieces of wood as a starter bundle from October 1 through April 1. Any additional firewood would need to be provided by the guest. Firewood is not provided for fire pits. You may NOT cut wood surrounding the properties but small bundles of wood can be purchased at the local gas stations and grocery stores. ABSOLUTELY NO LIQUID ACCELERATE IS ALLOWED!!! These are very dangerous to you and our property.

Q.  What is travel insurance and do I really need it?

A.  Blue Sky Cabin Rentals offers travel insurance that can protect against financial loss from unforeseen conditions that lead to trip cancellation, such as sickness or injury, job loss or relocation, severe weather, revoked military leave.   You must opt-in for coverage at the time of your reservation. The cost is 6.95% of your total reservation and you have a 14-day risk free trial period. See the Travel Insurance Flyer or visit WWW.TRIPPRESERVER.COM  to review the policy for coverage and exclusions. Cancel in writing to [email protected] within the 14 day trial for a full refund.

Q: What is the minimum age to rent a cabin?

A.  We require the guest booking the cabin to be a minimum age of 25 years old.  This is in effect to protect our guests and the cabins they are staying in.  There is an exclusion for married couples under the age of 25 staying in a 1-2 bedroom couples cabin. Please call the office for prior approval.855-636-2226.

Q: Can I bring my pet?

A. Yes. We have "Dog-friendly" cabins available for rent that will allow you to bring your dog. Dogs are only allowed in our "Dog-Friendly" cabins and we charge a $75 pet fee.  We limit guests to 2 dogs (call our office if you wish us to consider more than 2 dogs)   Should we find evidence of a pet at any of our non-pet friendly cabins, there will be a minimum charge of $500 placed on the credit card on file. These non-pet friendly homes are reserved for our guests who suffer from pet allergies and need a cabin free from pet allergens. We ask that you respect our request and only bring your dog to one of our "Dog-Friendly" cabins. ****NO CATS ALLOWED IN THE CABINS****

Q. Is 4 wheel drive vehicle required?

A.  Not for most of our properties.  Those that require a 4-wheel drive are noted on the property page.  However, even for "non-4-wheel drive required" properties, many roads leading to rental properties are dirt, gravel, bumpy and mountainous. Please check cabin description and amenities for paved road options or call our office during regular business hours.  

Q:  What are my cabin amenities?

 A.  Every cabin is individually owned therefore each home will have different amenities.  Our website will have the amenities listed on each cabin when you click on an individual cabin and its description.  If you have additional questions regarding a particular cabin please call the office prior to reserving and we will be happy to assist you.

 Q.  What does it mean if my cabin says it is secluded or private?

A.  A secluded cabin is one no other cabins are nearby or visible to the cabin in which you are staying.  A cabin that says it is private is one that has no next-door neighbors within 25 yards beside, behind or in front of but you can see other cabins nearby.  If the cabin description does not state whether it is private or secluded, it means it most likely has neighboring houses to the front, back or side.

 Q: What should we bring?

A:  Our cabins come with a fully equipped kitchen: Refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, dishes, glassware, utensils, cutlery, pots, and pans. Linens for each bed, 2- bath towels 1- hand towel and 1-washcloth PER PERSON LISTED ON GUESTLIST, dressers or closets for clothing storage, central heat & air, vacuum and/or broom and dustpan, mop, cable or satellite TV, internet, telephone for local calls.  In addition, we provide complimentary start-up supplies of Toilet Tissue (1 roll per bathroom), 1 roll paper towels, 4 kitchen garbage bags, 1 hand soap for each bath and 1 hand soap for kitchen, dishwasher detergent, dishwashing liquid, and laundry detergent for at least 2 loads.

Q: Will my cell phone have service at my cabin?

A. We cannot guarantee any cabin will or will not have cell phone service.  Each cell phone carrier will pick up in a different location in the mountains.  Verizon and AT&T will get service more often whereas Sprint and Nextel are very limited in the mountains.  The majority of our cabins have landline telephones for use of 800 numbers, local numbers and emergency calls only.  Please be sure to bring a calling card with you should you need to make any long-distance calls from your cabin.

Q: Will we encounter wildlife?

A.  YES YES YES!!!!  You are coming to the mountains, so you will encounter wildlife of some type.  Bears, raccoon, deer, possums, squirrels, snakes, scorpions, ladybugs and flying insects are some of our most encountered wildlife.  Please be aware of their presence and help us prevent them from becoming a nuisance, by bringing in and properly disposing of all garbage.  We encourage insect repellent in the summer months due to flying/biting insects.  Each of our homes is professionally treated for pests, but cannot guarantee that you will not encounter some type of insect or bug in the cabin on occasion.  Most insects are seasonal and we can only try to prevent their presence not eliminate it.  

Q:  Will my GPS help me locate my cabin or local attractions?

A.  NO – Being in the mountains can cause your GPS to be very unreliable at times.  Please print the directions we email you.  Blue Sky Cabin Rentals cannot be responsible for guests not finding their cabin because they did not bring our e-mailed directions with them on their trip.   We recommend the use of MapQuest for your navigation app.  However, it is not guaranteed to be accurate. Please refer to your driving directions to make sure that your nav app matches up.